The Phobia of The Tri Quell - Get ready for Saturday!
Get ready for Saturday!

It’s going to be a big, big, big day! … well night.

Will it be the quick witted, quick whipping District 1 veteran, Josh?
The other blonde Career and only one in reach of Emma’s kill record, Brett?
The lone wolf and seasoned fighter, Mary Rose?
Or the lone rookie remaining, the poison cookie wielding threat, Ally?

Tune in this Saturday night / Sunday morning at midnight, 12AM EST to find out who will be the winner of the Tumblr Games TriQuell!

It’s been quite the ride, tributes. With just four left, whose team are you on?

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    Oh. I wonder who this Mary Rose is. She seems kinda cool. Kinda. adskl;fjk;adsflj;ad But honestly I can’t believe the...
  2. illea answered: MARY ROSE. ♥
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  4. thewindcriesally answered: here’s a real twist: the cookies will be the only survivors. Their spouse milk will be waiting for them in their new house.
  5. lancet answered: Mary of course
  6. ohmygale answered: The career boys :)
  7. daintydaenerys answered: Team Save Derek.
  8. danxtheman answered: Team Save Derek would be a pretty entertaining twist. Think of the Capitol citizens!
  9. accioalife answered: Team Ghosts
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